For our non swedish speaking friends:

Hi, and thanks for stopping by!
Tord Wiksten Event & PR is a company based in Östersund with a focus on Biathlon and Cross County Skiing.
We give people the opportunity to really try out what biathlon is all about as well as teaching people how to ski, both classic skiing as well as skateing.
Read more about our different courses and packages below.


The Biathlon Experience

In the Biathlon Experience you’ll get to try out the sport Biathlon. This cource we can do both summer and winter time, with or without skis, all alone or up to hundereds of friends!

We will test shoot the real Biathlon rifles (22 cl), then try shooting with higher heart rate and end it all with a comptetition!

This course takes 1 hour.


Ski cource

Just as it sounds, here you’ll learn how to ski! We can teach everyone from beginner level up to the active skiier.
We offer courses in both classic and skate and we have plenty of experience doing so.

If you do not have skis your self, you can rent skis from Intersport on the ski stadium

This course takes 1 hour.


Biathlon Clinic

This is a Biathlon course (The Biathlon Experience) + a Cross county skiing course in one session.
In the price of this course ski rental is included.
We’ll start of with some Biathlon and then mix the two courses how we see fit everyones needs and wishes.

This course takes 2 hours.
The price of this course is doubble the normal pricings.

Our pricing:
Pricing for our courses are written in Swedish Kroner (SKR) and are per person.
We can recieve payment using card or cash.

1 PERSON 850 kr
2 PEOPLE 650 kr
3-6 PEOPLE 450 kr
7-10 PEOPLE 375 kr